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Welcome to Pool-Cover.net , this site is dedicated to bringing you great prices and the best information to help you choose the correct Pool Cover for your Pool.  Ameri-Brand  is a leader in the Pool Cover Industry offering outstanding products, pricing and service on Pool Covers. We offer Safety Mesh Covers and Solid Pool Covers.

Pool Covers will reduce heating costs, cut back significantly on water and chemical loss by nearly eliminating evaporation.  Pools lose water to evaporation in varying degrees, depending on many factors.  Some factors air, heat, shade in the pool area, wind and water temperature.  An uncovered 15 by 35 foot Pool can lose as much as 177 gallons of water a week, or 708 gallons of water a month to evaporation. Also, Pool Covers act as giant solar collector absorbing energy that falls on the cover's surface. When a pool is covered, there can be a solar heat gain up to 10 to 15 degrees, making it less expensive to heat the pool.  A pool cover can also reduce maintenance time by keeping dirt and debris out of the Pool.  With Chemicals, one gallon of Chlorine will evaporate in two hours on a hot day in an uncovered pool, where it can last up to several weeks in a covered pool. You can save a substantial amount of money by using a Pool Cover!  Most importantly, a Pool Cover can protect your Children or Pets from potential danger! You will have  "Peace of Mind" knowing that your Loved ones will be safe with your new Pool Cover!

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